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Craftsman charcutier from father to son since 1962

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A little bit of history ...

Family legacy, everything began in September 1962 in France, and well before in Algeria, with Albert and Madeleine Pons.


Their fame was through word of mouth in the North African returnee community, mainly from Algeria.


They introduced in metropolitan France the products we were consuming and developing on the other side of the Mediterranean.


The products used are pork, beef, lamb or veal; with the corresponding spices typical of the Mediterranean basin, sweet red pepper from Spain dominates, as well as coriander, anise, cumin... 


So they began to manufacture the Soubressades, Mahonnaises, Merguez, and other small Boudins called Murcia, and the Boutifards, which they were the initiators in France at that time.


Albert Pons was originally from the island of Menorca whose capital is Mahon, he emigrated to Algeria and founded his business in El Biar, a district of the city Alger. He met his wife Madeleine, whose name was Kehr during World War II in Alsace, France. After the war they start their business in the popular market of the city Bab El Oued which means The River Gate.


Nowadays it is their little son Julien Pons who took over with his wife Magali Soler Pons, to perpetrate the traditional recipes.


To give them a small tribute Julien and Magali called their company AMP Charcuterie. Which means Albert Madeleine Pons Charcuterie. They could not call their company "Charcuterie Pons" as the founders for trademark rights reasons, they took PonSoler as brand sign. A composition of their two names that makes a connection between the past, present and future future ...


The whole team of AMP Charcuterie wishes you a good navigation on their site, and hope delight your buds for a long time ...

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